Are you off on a Friday and Saturday night with no plans? Looking for the perfect fright? Come check us out at Haunted Hill in Lineville, AL. All the chills and thrills you need await. 

Haunted Hill loves each and every one of it's customers. People will always leave us with smiling faces, that is if the clowns don't get them before we do. 

Haunted Hill is located at 543 Center Hill Rd. Lineville, AL. 36266. 

Haunted Hill 

We are a non-profit organization that likes to keep customers on their toes. We strive to give each and every customer the scare that they have come looking for. We try to exceed the normal expectations of a Haunted House. We are open every Friday and Saturday night during the month of halloween season (dates are subject to change yearly). 

Haunted Hill donates to local charities each year. If you would like to check out some of our reviews or to get further insight check us out on Facebook at the link above. 

Our 2018 Donation. 

Fire departments 

Our 2019 annual donation will go to Clay County Animal Shelter. If you bring a bag of dog or cat food you will receive a $2 discount!

This past year we donated to two of our local fire departments. Most of the fire departments around Lineville are volunteer. We decided to make great donations to them in order for them to better our town and to better their work efficiency. We would like to personally say Thank You to each and every person who works to keep us safe: Firefighters, Police, ETC. 


For children ages 5-10 the admission is $7 per person. For ages 11 and up the admission is $10 per person.